Have you ever seen a wolf?

He doesn't have the ability to do the work properly.


I was overconfident.

The entire town was under water.

I saw them in the parking lot.

Nothing could induce him to change his mind.

You're supposed to help him.

Drown out the voice of uncertainty with the sound of your own heartbeat

Steve grabbed Allen by the throat and choked her.

Which factory was it?

Gabriel, I really like you... as a friend.

Within seconds, Dan's life will change forever.

I believe you both know her.


I'm absolutely certain that's what happened.

Tell them why you can't go.

I can't quite believe it.


I think you've made a terrible mistake.

We'd better leave him alone.

Public opinion obliged him to retire.

They are among us!

Are we almost finished?


In 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea.

My phone is ringing!

The police uncovered a major drug operation.

This old building was beautiful.

I don't know just what I'll do.

I think everybody's tired.

Dan lost control of his car and crashed it into a tree.


A beautiful pair of glasses caught her eye at the store.

He has become a memory.

Here's my address.

They have enough capital to put up another factory.

I think I'm going to try again.

I was angry and confused.

I talked to her.

You risk losing when you want to gain too much.

I advertised my house in the newspaper.

He was born in this very room.

Can't you understand what's happening here?

Let's talk about it some more after lunch.

He was lying on the grass.

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The park is shady.

"Dad seemed to be really pleased by the gift!" "Yes, it's really nice that we could make him happy!"

I never told them.

This is the first time I've ever told Taninna 'I love you'.

Mark and Leonor broke off their relationship.

You have to live here.

I wish I had ridden my bicycle here.


Sally didn't say yes.


I'm not going to tolerate this kind of behavior anymore.


I saw a cat chasing a dog.

She was beside herself with rage when she heard the remark.

The young rabbi often brags about his lineage.

He's against the facts.

You have such a wonderful eye for detail.

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I'll tell you what we'll do.

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I'm a little worried about her.


He was immersed in the puzzle.

You have to use the money wisely.

What did we get?


I was told you wouldn't be at the meeting.

We don't have any food.

I want to find out what happens next!

"Did I mention that he's handsome?" "Yes, you did."

The snowstorm blotted out the view.

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Life is nothing more than a vacation between two slices of eternity.

It is the drop in the rice pricing (blamed on consumers' loss of interest in rice and the freeing up of the international market) that is the cause.

The upcoming fifth edition of the DSM proposes a new spectrum-based classification of autistic disorders.

The client went running into the office.

She made him tidy his room.

She keeps his room clean.

I've lived here for 10 years.

West is in trouble not because he is a gay man, but because he is a man who was apparently willing to use the power of his public office to solicit sexual favors.

Eat everything on your plate, or you won't get any dessert.

Please stop whistling.

You are supposed to introduce yourselves in turn.


You're going to want to see this.

Her mother was busy cooking the dinner.

He praised the pupil for his honesty.

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I went fishing.

They're all children.

I suggest that we speed things up a little.

There is a marked difference between them.

A lot of bloggers write in English.

Blacken the circles next to the correct answers with an HB pencil.

May I give you some advice?


I can't get in touch with him.

I have arranged for Bill to meet Ann tomorrow.

Is the electrical equipment grounded?

This river flows rapidly.

Getting food to Fort Sumter would be a very difficult job.


And the sun of Homer, look! It smiles upon us.

How many times a year do you go skiing?

"What are your favourite books, Liza? " "The Adventures of Moe Sawyer and Uncle Son's Cabin."

Rolf's leg had fallen asleep so he couldn't stand up.

Dolphins are curious.

He saw that he was wrong.

Helen was sitting alone at the bar.

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The natives are restless.


He is remarkable for his wisdom.

Are you back home now?

Kurt and Kylo walked along the shoreline, admiring the sunset.

Brender suggested that we wait here.

Never have I been so happy.

We'll have to make do with what we have.

Douglas's big-headed.

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She was a girl of about our age.

I used to keep a diary.

Carisa said that neither one of his parents had ever been to Boston.


Why didn't you speak?

I accepted right away.

I didn't really understand what was happening.


Ozan cheated on his history test.


Spiders and scorpions have eight legs.

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Varda committed suicide by jumping off a cliff.


Earnie and Nick pretended to be husband and wife.

Tell them you lied.

I will look the other way.

You're boring me.

Television almost has taken the place of the movie theater.

Lanny gave a detailed answer.

That feels very nice.


Why don't you calm down and tell me what the problem is?

Try to keep up with Daryl.

Pratapwant poured himself some milk.

I'll be back for Christmas.

A lot of companies are going under lately because banks are so tight with their money.

He had no difficulty in finding the place.

Thinking of it made a chill run up my spine.

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This restaurant has been here a long time.


Can you give me your phone number?

Don't make me do that.

You have no clue on how disappointed I am!

I didn't realize the difference between them.

We are writing to inform you that Mr Koichi Ohara has been appointed as Manager of the Technical Department in succession to Mr Taro Iida.

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I wanted to steal it.

I've got a better one.

That tie suits you very well.

It's all so hopeless.

There's still plenty of room for improvement in dictionaries.


Masanobu told me that he wanted a dog.

We must've been followed.

We appreciate the opportunity you've given us to learn more about your organization.


"I'm taking the whole day off today." "Really? The whole day?"

Petroleum extraction is in decline in 33 out of the 48 major suppliers of oil.

We have some unfinished business.

I know what time you said you would be there, but I wasn't able to be there at that time.

You're going to have to leave.

We're very fortunate to have Bucky working for us.

Mac won't have to work here.

Someday you'll know the truth!

I think we found something.


I hear he is in bad health these days.

It was complicated.

I know what he does and what he tells other people to do.

I'll make a little money and Mr. White probably won't notice.

The individual does not exist for the good of the State.

John has the complete collection of Sam's music.

This method has no application to the case.


Ian is average looking.


Hold your breath! It's poisonous gas.

I loved high school.

My mother hates to watch the television.

This is the girl you asked to see.

We could go kayaking next weekend.